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Private Sessions

Through my private company, Light the Path, I work with clients to support their spiritual healing and transformation. My guidance is “spiritual, pragmatic and grounded’ as I “truly defines the “multi-sensory” personality. Clients say that I am “aware of the immortal soul and combines the training of a therapist, brilliant mind of a CEO, and gentle soul of a best friend.”

I enjoy helping individuals build themselves a resilient lifestyle in which they unconditionally enjoy love, feel better about themselves, and decrease the stress in their lives. Over the last twenty years, I have watched countless people use her tools to reorganize their priorities, feel more joyful, and achieve both their personal and professional goals. The rewards of self-knowledge and self-love eventually help build a compassionate character. Life takes on a different rhythm when we are clearly manifesting our inner light.


I take individual clients by phone or skype. 


Be Blessed. 


Important note: The booking system should automatically accommodate your current time zone. Lesley is located in Arizona Time which is the same as Denver during daylight savings (the winter) and the same as Los Angeles the rest of the year. While booking, please add a note on how you came to know me. Thank you. 

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