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E-course: Peer or Patient? 

Building Your Own Sanctuary
by Lesley Joan Lupo ©2020 

When we have suffered pain from a disappointing relationship, be it friends, family, business or romantic love, we put up walls to protect ourselves. How would you like to live without those cumbersome walls, yet feel completely safe? Peer or Patient, now available for $49.99, is the perfect tool to build a gentle, loving sanctuary for yourself and integrate your logical mind with your emotions so your choices come from wisdom.

This lesson is broken up into case studies, concepts, and exercises from my relationship practice that is designed to help if you have difficulty with balancing your responsibilities to those you love and your own self. The ultimate goal is to give you the tools to apply discernment in all of your relationship choices.

"Lesley has created something that finally explains boundaries
for empaths. We don’t have to be told we 'aren’t unconditionally loving' again simply for having boundaries around toxic people.
I am so grateful for the work she does." - Tricia Barker, Austin, TX

Now Available

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