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Let's Talk Near Death Podcast

Here is my latest podcast interview with Kirsty Salisbury creator of the 'Let's Talk Near Death' podcast. She is a speaker, podcaster and coach filled with passion for her message of eliminating regret, living on purpose, and removing the fear of death. 

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Conversations with Roland

Here is my latest interview, just over an hour, with Roland Achenjang. I had the pleasure of answering questions and telling the story of my Near-Death Experience. Thanks for being a great host, @awake_ra!

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Cosmic Creating Show

Here is my latest interview, just under two hours, on the “Cosmic Creating Show” with Jan Shaw. I discuss my NDE, how we can bring together the human and spiritual experience and much more. Jan is an amazing interviewer, so please enjoy!

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Feature on Fox 10 Phoenix News Special

I was interviewed by Fox News Phoenix News Special about my out-of-body, Near Death Experience. The IANDS President also spoke during the interview. 

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Part 2: Podcast Interview

with Dr. Amy Robbins

In this podcast interview I talk about my NDE experience’s connection to mental health and the difference between NDEs and hallucinations.  

I also include an explanation of “The number one goal of Divine is growth and connection. As we evolve, our power not only transforms us, it changes others.”

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Part 1: Podcast Interview

with Dr. Amy Robbins

In this podcast inview, I talk about my NDE, what I saw “upstairs” and what I experienced when I crossed over. I also discuss spirit guides and how they helped guide me through my journey. 

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Radio Out There Interview

I was invited to 'Radio Out There' with Barry Eaton in Australia. I discuss my book,  Remember, Every Breath is Precious, and answer Barry’s questions regarding my experience and workshops.

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The Science of Near-Death Experiences Lecture

I speak bi-weekly at Canyon Ranch for a lecture called "The Science of Near-Death Experiences." Combining science and spiritual teachings, I draw my own experiences as well as 45 years of scientific research for an engaging lecture at Canyon Ranch, Resort in Tucson, AZ. 


Speaking Engagement

I had the pleasure of speaking about my NDE at The University of Arizona, Center for Integrative Medicine. Two MDs, one Ph.D., and I discussed how to differentiate between a psychotic break and a NDE. I have to thank Chuck Swedrock and the Tucson chapter of IANDS who brainstormed this entire presentation and volunteered to help at the conference. 

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Book Launch!

Great news! My book is now available for purchase on Amazon. Thank you all for the support that you’ve given me so far, all those likes and shares counts to my publisher.


We Don’t Die Radio Show

I was invited to 'We Don’t Die Radio Show' with Sandra Champlain. I discuss my book,  Remember, Every Breath is Precious, and answer Sandra’s questions regarding my workshops.


Wendy's Coffeehouse Radio Show

I was invited to Wendy's Coffeehouse with Wendy Garrett. I discuss my upcoming book Remember, Every Breath is Precious and answer Wendy’s questions regarding my NDE.

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Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett

I was interviewed by Wendy Garrett.  I discuss my NDE and upcoming book Remember, Every Breath is Precious.

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