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Light Your Path

Cultivate a Life of Self-worth

Weekend workshops cover four topics:


Who’s Driving this Car? What are your core beliefs?

Learn to identify and consciously reorganize the subliminal programming that affects all your decisions.


Take Back Choice

Explore the power our words & beliefs have in creating our future. Rewrite your life contracts.


Build a Sanctuary

Understand the relationships that we have and where they belong. Learn to live without walls and trust without fear.


Circle of Life

Integrate a balanced giving and receiving model into your everyday life. Learn to consciously create your highest future. As we learn to apply the subtle Laws of Karma and regain the feeling of being centered, regardless of the conditions, we begin to outwardly manifest our Inner Divinity.

Why attend?

This workshop teaches a pathway through the overcrowded landscape of possibilities and puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the opportunity to avoid dead ends entirely. You will learn practical exercises that will integrate into your everyday life. It is a wonderful pathway to self-empowerment.

Lesley's Philosophy

The love you attract mirrors the love you feel for yourself. If you fail to cherish yourself, you will invite people who ignore your needs. If you live without boundaries, you will find needy people who want to latch onto you and drain you. Putting yourself second (or third or fourth) will attract narcissists who might never concern themselves with your needs. If you belittle yourself or criticize yourself, you will attract people who are impossible to please and who will abuse you, physically or emotionally. And so on.


Learn that self-love and self-confidence are based in humility, not conceit. And learn how to feel worthy to attract the noblest of loves: a partnership. 

Her popular workshop Light Your Path — Cultivate a Life of Self-Worth is soon to include a workbook and companion e-course. 

Price for Workshop: $450
Bring a friend! Second person (paid together): 50% off

And people who take the workshop a second time (or third) pay $225

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