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Inspirational Speaker

Lesley Joan Lupo is a motivational speaker who conducts workshops and classes at the renowned Canyon Ranch.  Her compelling NDE mixed with her psychology background makes for a compelling lecture that will guide you on an inner journey.

Learn that self-love and self-confidence are based in humility, not conceit. And learn how to feel worthy to attract the noblest of loves: a partnership. This lecture teaches a pathway through the overcrowded landscape of possibilities and puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the opportunity to avoid dead ends entirely. You will learn practical exercises that will integrate into your everyday life. It is a wonderful pathway to self-empowerment.

Lesley and her team will work with you directly through all phases of the lecture process to insure your event is a success. 

Please contact Lesley if you're interested in hosting one of her lectures or workshops.

"I heard your lecture at Canyon Ranch but little did I know that within four months what you experienced would hit home for me. My mother had a terrible stroke, totally unexpected  because she was the picture of health. None of us were prepared for that. I sat in the hospital, holding her hand and watching her moan and shudder from the pain in spite of the fact they had her on pain medication. I remembered your lecture and how you popped out of your body before  the stampede. I said, “Mom, I know you’re not in the body in pain. I know you’re somewhere in the room watching me and loving me like you always have. I know you’re not feeling a thing.” Immediately I felt my the back of my hair ruffle, something she has done to me since I was a child. I knew she was there with me and I want to thank you because that knowledge helped my family make it through a horrible day."

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