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During my near-death experience, I learned about the concept of Bodhisattvas. I discovered that there is another type of Bodhisattva incarnating too, one that is unaware of their soul development. Being born into families that do not recognize their spiritual maturity, they must invent their own spiritual path. In doing so, they absorb and transmute all negativity in their vicinity. Many things clicked into place as I realized the implications of these blindfolded Bodhisattvas and I decided to call them Houdini Kids.  Houdini Kids heal the planet by absorbing and transmuting all negativity they encounter. By forgiving their trespassers, they clear the human race of rage and retaliation that haunts our history. They feel like an outsider within their family, a changeling. Many think, what happened, did I take a left instead of a right? Where was I supposed to be born? The feeling of being an outsider hits hard. They feel alone to the bone. 


As Houdini Kids finally heal and begin to take care of their different emotional wiring, they morph into a leaf blower that clears negative energy around them by transmuting it, blowing it away rather than drawing it in. That happens when they value their self-worth. When they begin to understand and accept themselves, they rediscover their inner connection to the Divine. As they do, they clean up the muck they landed in, which solidifies the land around them.


Therefore, I developed the specific exercises that would release all shame, promoting self-forgiveness. Next, I teach them how to love themselves, pointing out that true self-love is rooted in humility, not vanity. The same goes for self-confidence. It is humbling to acknowledge our divinely given gifts. This new sense of worth helps them to learn two important things: learning to receive as graciously as they give. Many treat life as, I cannot sit down to eat until everyone is fed … in the world. A true Bodhisattva!  Finally (the best for last) they have to learn how to play, to let their curiosity out to explore and enjoy their beloved planet.


This new level of Bodhisattvas built the bridge for another level of Bodhisattvas to arrive called the Indigo Kids. That group can hit the ground running and accelerate change that is more widespread. Keep in mind these Indigo children are not saviors. They are innovators.


My goal is to help the Houdini kids of the world find and see their own light. I look forward to launching Houdini Kids workshops and book, coming November 2020.


The more profound my spiritual awareness grew, the more I felt the rift between it and my day-to-day life. I could sit deep in the bliss of meditation. But when I finished and had to do the grunt work of daily life, it vanished. I had two distinctly different parts inside. It became abundantly clear that to balance myself; I had to introduce them to each other and figure out a way to integrate the mundane, multi-tasking reflexes of my human mind with my inner Divinity, my immortal soul. My two parts would have to work as a team. I didn't want one side to dominate and always lead the other.

To that end, I decided to pursue two paths: one as a student of the spirit again, and the other, the road of a contemplative. To begin with, I tried a couple of energy workers. I felt as if I were a novice, caught up in the jumble of recreating my perception of Self. Therefore, I assumed that all the spiritual teachers could see me better than I could see myself. I gave away my power, my sense of authority. By trial and error, I learned to differentiate between those who perceived me and those who were projecting their lessons onto me.

Decades before, when I began my spiritual lessons in Albuquerque, none of my teachers would explain to me what any symbols or dreams meant. Instead, they insisted that I knew the answers deep within and guided me to unravel my interpretations. At that time, I was a typical eighteen-year-old, so my impatience would bubble up. I wanted answers, so oft times I resented their teaching style.

For example, Bonnie had taught me to use the archetypal images on the individual Tarot cards to gain insights into the seat of my intuition. To make this point, she pulled out the Knight of Cups. In the picture, a knight sits upon a white steed offering a golden cup to someone we can't see. Pointing to the scene, she asked, "Let's just talk about one aspect of this picture. What would a horse symbolize to you?"

 "I love them," I answered. "Horses are affectionate and bond with us like big dogs. Life would be easier. I could travel much further than walking by myself. For me, the horse represents an elevation of my life or a journey in some way or another. And, as you suggested, if I consider what the horse meant in the 1300s when artists first painted these cards, it is a sign of wealth and stability. It would indicate a turn of events that represents more freedom or more travel." 

 “Not for me!” She laughed as she said, “When I see a knight I interpret it as a warning. I hate horses! Scary, smelly beasts. Too big and too strong, they can seriously hurt you. You can never tell what they are going to do. When I see a horse on a tarot card, I take that as a sign that something's wrong. I must slow down to the point that I can watch the situation, and anyone else involved, a lot more carefully. If I only told you what the horse symbolized, in truth, I would be telling you what the horse meant to me. You have to meditate on your intuitive self, your connection to God, and realize what each image or symbol means to you. Even though our translations are opposite each other, both versions are correct because the picture on the tarot card is simply a tool to aid us in understanding our inner realm and what our guides tell us at that level."

That style of teaching helped me to see the motivation of anyone who jumped in to help me now. Some guided with a teacher's touch; others tried to squeeze me into their self-constructed paradigm. Eventually, I could tell the difference and settled into working with another healer, Jana K. She became my Reiki teacher. Over the next two years I became a certified Reiki Master in three modalities with her; Usui, Shamballa, and Angelic Reiki.


My friendship with Dana P. continued. We met regularly to discuss different levels of consciousness and all the subsequent mysteries. From time to time we would touch upon several components of my NDE in a piece-meal fashion. I was experiencing tremendous personal and spiritual growth, so the tiny minutia wasn't relevant at that time. Things that related to our inner, or transcendent, quests took center stage, so details about Upstairs, the buildings, the waterfalls, even some of the other light beings were not as important as the discussions I had with Meena and Ra-u or lessons I brought back, both to teach and to learn. We would talk, meditate, and then share insights. Dana had such a vibrant yet unobstructed capacity of not only grasping the clarity of any situation — beyond the constraints of fear-based social programming — she could explain her discoveries and epiphanies in a bullet-point language, easily assimilated.

One day we explored the significance of the Houdini Kids, i.e., the concept of blindfolded Bodhisattvas obscuring their personal spiritual growth, and incarnating into younger soul families to facilitate growth. I decided to call these volunteers Houdini Kids as he had been blindfolded, tied up, and put into a bag before being thrown into the ocean. He did all the work himself to get out. It seemed to reflect what we had to do: give up our spiritual memory and find our inner light all by ourselves.

In these families, Houdini Kids were exposed to abusive and hate-filled ideas and lifestyles. How might the act of incarnating blindfolded work? Or worse, what if they all failed? The only way it could work would be for the Houdini Kids to feel that there was something bigger and better than what they found around them. Even the wealthy kids would feel a yearning that their lifestyle did not fulfill. They would locate the courage to go against the grain, to go against the conditioning, and find their inner connection to the Divine.

But how was that to happen? I had the outline of what I had been shown Upstairs, the fact that many old souls were now coming down blindfolded to their heritage and helping to awaken global consciousness by digging deep within. But the nuts and bolts of how it worked had not been shown to me.

In my meditation, after I asked for more clarification, I experienced a particularly strong vision of how it worked. In the image, I dropped down to earth as a light being in an entirely opalescent body. As the vision unfolded, my soul group narrated what these allegorical images represented.

A multitude of volunteers had agreed to erase their sense of right and wrong, erase their deep-seated spiritual wisdom, and erase their history. Placed in families in which there would be no mention of higher consciousness, they had to seek another pathway. They came down to help facilitate growth in forgiveness, for what did the people of earth need more after all the deaths in the world wars but to forgive? They landed in the depth of human fight/flight/freeze responses, ranging from healthy families of younger souls that just didn’t think outside the box to relatives that lived lives of pure irresponsibility or cruelty. Even all the way to family units steeped in immorality and corruption.

I saw my body splash into a murky swamp. Several others landed one by one with at least several hundred feet up to a mile or two between them; all consciously spaced in different directions. Oh, I thought, this is what I had been doing Upstairs: placing the volunteers. Of course, I would follow in their footsteps.

All the volunteers learned how to extricate themselves from the dense animal, herd programming all by themselves. They resisted what they witnessed in their culture, their families, or their schools. They had to find their Inner Light within all by themselves, and keep what good they absorbed by filtering out fear-based thinking. As they grew, they dropped the competitive herd reflexes to a cooperative mindset.

I walked over and saw my human body wholly submerged in the sludge, the skin had lost the light and had turned into my human skin. I struggled to lift one finger above the waterline. As I did, it turned back to the opalescent body. By living and forgiving, I soaked up the dank water around me.
Some didn't make it. They had landed in an utterly hostile, environment.

Over to my right, another Light Being struggled and finally sunk to the bottom. Almost immediately, another light being landed and absorbed whatever essence was left behind.

As more emerged, the momentum shifted but the last part, the sticking to your guns in the face of the majority point of view, was the hardest part, I began to try to get my lower legs and feet from the swamp, but it had started to solidify. I strained to free my ankles and finally pulled myself away from the densely packed earth. 

Everyone's struggles paved the way for another level of light beings, a newer group that could land and keep their light within on the surface. The more pure light these Bodhisattvas brought to the shade, the more additional Bodhisattvas could arrive, and it would spark a global awareness of the fact that you are all One.
When all the ground around me finished solidifying, bright green grass grew as far as I could see. Miniscule star-shaped white and pale yellow flowers stretched out in every direction. Others around me struggled to remove themselves with varying degrees of success. Some had popped out before me; some were half out but stuck. Faint laughter reached my ears. I looked above and saw an endless group of other translucent light beings landing, yet they kept their brightness as they hit the ground running. This new group of Bodhisattvas incarnated to boost another level of collaborative living, a level in which children under the age of twenty would be the next wave of innovators and spiritual leaders. 


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