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A  Light On The Path

Inspirational Speaker

Intuitive Healer 

Spiritual Lifestyle Coach

Near-Death Experiencer


Photograph by John Dyer

Lesley's Services

Our Servuces

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Sign up today and receive a free 5-part email series titled "Taking Off the Mantles." An exercise with the goal of cultivating a life of self-worth. What does the immortal soul feel like? Take off the roles you play and find out. This exercise helped me learn how to integrate my spirit and my humanity. 


Through Lesley's private company, she works one-on-one with clients to support their spiritual healing and transformation.


Sometimes we heal best in a group setting.  That’s why I do the Workshop, Light Your Path - Cultivate a Life of Self-worth. 

Inspirational Speaker

Lesley Joan Lupo is a motivational speaker who conducts workshops and classes at the renowned Canyon Ranch. 


"I finally got my feet back on the ground! This year I faced a challenging work situation and I was able to make it through the entire ordeal with a calm, level-headedness. I felt that every single moment this year was unfolding with purpose, and I was able to ‘go with the flow’, watch for red flags, and adjust myself accordingly. I am so grateful to Lesley and all of the information she helped me to download."

- Rena D.

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